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2479-55 – FJC Universal PAG Oil with Fluorescent Dye – 55 gallon

Available in 55 Gallon Drum Small


FJC Universal PAG Oil with Fluorescent Dye – 55 gallon

FJC Universal PAG Oil with UV dye can be used in R134a or R12 mobile A/C systems and can be used ins a system being retrofitted from R12 to R134a. It can be mixed with any other oil used in these systems.

  • Compatible with R134a & R13
  • Compatible with Mineral, Ester, Paraffin and PAG Oil
  • Can be detected using a standard UV Light
  • Saves time over existing methods of dye injection
  • ATTENTION – A partial charge of PAG Oil with Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye will not provide enough dye for proper fluorescing. Only a full system charge during normal service will provide maximum fluorescing for the mobile A/C System. A partial charge may be added to a system which already contains dye
  • Made in the USA

Part #2479-55

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